Small Business Succession

Business Succession Planning

At Sullivan Estate Law, we work with business owners to achieve their goals, grow their businesses, and protect their families. We take care of the “legal stuff” so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Business creation

First, we review your business plan and goals with you. Then, together, we choose the best way to structure your business. If you are already in business, we help you determine whether the structure you’ve chosen is still best. We will then create the necessary documents to organize your business and create your corporate shield.

Corporate shield

Your corporate shield, also referred to as corporate veil, protects individual shareholders and officers from liability. Because it is critical to your company, we review your corporate legal documents yearly to ensure your corporate shield is always in place. We help with your annual minutes, bylaws, and operating agreement changes. We make sure your required annual report and franchise tax report are filed with the state. If your corporate shield is in danger, we identify actions to get it back in place. We can also serve as your registered agent.

Annual strategy session

Annual planning is essential to your business’s success. We can make sure it happens. Each year we bring all your professional advisors together – accountants, insurance agents, financial planners, for example – to review your goals and expand or create new ones for the coming year. We help you identify the greatest dangers and opportunities. Then we help you create a plan to minimize the dangers and maximize the opportunities.

Business succession planning

We can help you determine the long-range future for your business. Who will take over if you are disabled or die? How will your business be sold? How will the purchase be funded?

We review your plan for your business and help you create a succession plan to ensure your business continues under the control of the people you choose. And we help ensure you and your family receive the full value for your business.